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Benefits of motorizing your NuShade awning

by Christine Crockett

If you choose to upgrade your NuShade Retractable Patio Awning from the manual to motorized version, a world of ease and simplicity awaits you! 

The NuShade motor is a state-of-the-art electric motor that requires no maintenance, and arrives pre-wired and ready to use. An 18-foot plugin power cord and handheld transmitter are provided for ease of installation and operation. 

Even if you order the motorized awning, your awning is equipped with a manual override to protect your investment from storm and wind damage in case your home loses power.

All motorized things come with the risk of overheating (this is why your computer has a fan built into it!), so as a safety measure, your motorized NuShade awning come with a built-in heat sensor to prevent motor damage in the event of overheating. 

For something that costs less than a new cellphone, isn’t it worth the ease of use and peace of mind a motorized awning provides?


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