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Benefits Of Owning An Awning

Posted on 08/19/2014

  1. Increase your outdoor living area comfortably and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a permanent addition. With a NuImage® retractable awning you can have sun when you want it or shade when you need it simply by extending or retracting the awning.
  2. On cloudy days when you are not using the awning it stays retracted against the wall allowing light to penetrate unlike permanent fixed awnings which block light on dark gloomy days. At your command you can easily extend or retract your awning either at the push of a button or with the standard hand crank.
  3. With our awning you eliminate any unsightly poles or permanent framework. A NuImage® retractable awning is practically maintenance free. Unlike stationary awnings there is no need for seasonal take-down and re-installation. The awning stays retracted on the wall out of harms way.
  4. Reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by as much as 94%.
  5. When the sun is beating down, they reduce solar heat gain by up to 77%, so you can enjoy your patio on blistering days, while reducing your skin’s exposure to UV rays.
  6. In the house, awnings keep sunrays from fading your floors and furniture while lowering the temperature by as much as 15ºF, without the use of air-conditioning or increased electrical bills. 

Skin Cancer Foundation and NuImage AwningsIt’s no wonder the EPA, energy institutes and health institutes recommend awnings.


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