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"People don't realize how pretty these awnings look"

by Christine Crockett Grindle

Most people probably don't think about aluminum awnings and follow that thought with another about how good they look. Aluminum awnings aren't known for their looks, after all — they are known for their practicality!

NuImage Awnings recieved a message from some very happy customers yesterday that we would like to share:

A couple of months ago, we bought 2 black and white awnings for our shed from your company. They look great. Right color, right size for our small shed windows. Neighbors love them. Please feel free to use any of the pictures that we are sending you for your website. People don’t realize how pretty these awnings look on a shed.
Pam and Gary
Milton DE

Check out the photos they sent us above! Pam and Gary purchased NuImage's Series 3100 Aluminum Window Awning with Support Arms, styled with Black and White stripes. 

Head over to our Aluminum section now to customize awnings for your own property!


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