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Spring reminder: Tips for preventing salt corrosion

by Christine Crockett Grindle

Installing awnings in areas where salt laden air is present requires extra care on the part of the owner. Salt air is extremely corrosive on all objects, including non-ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

NuImage Awnings are manufactured from the finest materials available based on the requirements for performance, strength, and longevity. The frame components are manufactured with a combination of aluminum, stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant carbon steel where high strength is required.

Awnings exposed to salt air must be treated with the same care as would be given to a boat or other metal equipment in order to prevent accelerated salt environment corrosion of the fasteners and finish.

This simple preventative maintenance process will significantly extend the life of
your awning:

  1. The awning frame and fabric should be washed monthly with a car wash-type soap solution to clean off salt deposits. A simple hose-end sprayer like Soap Jet works well.
  2. Rinse the frame and fabric with clean water, and let the fabric dry in the extended position.
  3. In the spring and fall, lubricate the moving joints at the square bar (shoulder), middle arm joint (elbow) and at the front bar arm attachment with a penetrating Teflon lubricant. Super Lube aerosol is a good choice.


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